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    Buy Sell Info


    Buy Sell Info

    Post  uCrack on 21/03/09, 05:34 pm

    Buy Sell Rules

    • Post Only Once

    1. Don't repeatedly post the same item for sale again and again.
    2. Make separate posts for different items.
    3. If you are selling several items together (one sale) please post only once

    • Only 1 Bump Per Day

    1. Do not bump your topic up more than once per day.
    2. Multiple bumps per day will cause your topic to get locked.
    3. Other people are permitted to bump your topic up, provided they are also commenting on your item for sale.

    • Give Proper Descriptions

    1. Make sure you provide item name, product number/code/model.
    2. Brief description,
    3. Sale price.
    4. Picture (if possible)
    5. Items for sale without any of the above are considered spam and will be deleted.

    • Do No Cheat

    1. Cheating or lying on your sale is taken VERY seriously. Do not sell fake, imitation or faulty goods.
    2. Faulty goods are permitted if you mention it in your post. For example selling a seat with some parts of the fabric torn.
    3. Members caught cheating will be warned or even banned.

    • Lock Once Sold

    1. Please append [SOLD] to your topic subject and lock your topic once the item is sold.
    2. Items sold will be moved to a separate board.

    • Topic Subject

    1. Please format you topic subject according to the following:
    [WTS] Item Name - Price - for selling items

    [WTB] Item Name - Price - looking for something to buy

    [SOLD] Item Name - Price - item has been sold

    [BOUGHT] Item Name - Price - item has been bought


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