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    Important Information to All Zaabarian


    Important Information to All Zaabarian

    Post  uCrack on 21/03/09, 05:22 pm

    General Rules

    • Be Polite

    1. Do not post anything false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, and adult material.
    2. Members making such posts will be warned.
    3. We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.

    • Only 1 Account

    1. Each member is allowed only one account.
    2. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed.

    • Report, Do Not Take Action

    1. Report inappropriately activity it to the moderators.
    2. Do not try to take action into your own hands. Instead, report and let the moderators and administrators do their work.
    3. Use the "Report To Moderator" link on each post to inform the moderator of any violation, with a description of the problem

    Posting Rules

    • Use Proper Subject

    1. Use an appropriate and descriptive title when posting a new topic.
    2. Examples of bad titles; "Help me!", "I'm stuck!", "I've got a problem!"
    3. Examples of good titles; "Nothing happens when pressing alarm button", "Jemputan ke majlis perkahwinan Ali"

    • Post In Relevant And Proper Forum

    1. Post in the relevant forum.
    2. Read the forum descriptions before posting.
    3. Moderators and Admins can help move your topic to the right place, but it is your responsibility to post in the right place.

    • Do Not Repeat Posts

    1. Search before you post. Do not repost the same issue if an earlier post exists.
    2. Moderators and Administrators will merge relevant topics if repeated topics are found.
    3. If your topic is repeated but special and needs a separate topic of its own, please mention this in you post or your topic will be locked/merged to an existing topic.

    • Write Normally

    1. Post in a way consistent with "normal writing".
    2. Do not post excessive number of emoticons, large, small or colored text.
    3. Do not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation ('!' and '?') in topic titles or posts.

    • No Chatting

    1. Post items only relevant to the current topic and do not go off topic.
    2. 1 or 2 off-topic posts are still tolerated but administrators and moderators will lock topics with excessive off-topic posts.
    3. Moderators have the right to delete off topic posts.
    4. Use the appropriate boards or PM instead for chatting.
    5. However, we do provided special forum like "chat zone" which you can post with minimize observation
    Signature and Avatar Rules

    • Signature Rules

    1. Signatures may contain up to 3 lines of text of small or normal size
    2. 1 images of no more than 150px high, 550px wide
    3. Text and images in signatures is subject to the same rules as postings and general rules
    4. Moderators have the right to delete your signature if we think it against this rules.

    • Avatar Rules

    1. Avatar can be any PNG, JPEG, or GIF images (other supported images accepted)
    2. No larger than 120px wide by 120px high
    3. Uploaded avatars no larger than 90kB in size
    4. Avatars are subject to the same rules as posting and general rules

    * Signature and avatars not matching the rules above will be deleted.

    Buy Sell Rules

    • Post Only Once

    1. Don't repeatedly post the same item for sale again and again.
    2. Make separate posts for different items.
    3. If you are selling several items together (one sale) please post only once

    • Only 1 Bump Per Day

    1. Do not bump your topic up more than once per day.
    2. Multiple bumps per day will cause your topic to get locked.
    3. Other people are permitted to bump your topic up, provided they are also commenting on your item for sale.

    • Give Proper Descriptions

    1. Make sure you provide item name, product number/code/model.
    2. Brief description,
    3. Sale price.
    4. Picture (if possible)
    5. Items for sale without any of the above are considered spam and will be deleted.

    • Do No Cheat

    1. Cheating or lying on your sale is taken VERY seriously. Do not sell fake, imitation or faulty goods.
    2. Faulty goods are permitted if you mention it in your post. For example selling a seat with some parts of the fabric torn.
    3. Members caught cheating will be warned or even banned.

    • Lock Once Sold

    1. Please append [SOLD] to your topic subject and lock your topic once the item is sold.
    2. Items sold will be moved to a separate board.

    • Topic Subject

    1. Please format you topic subject according to the following:
    [WTS] Item Name - Price - for selling items

    [WTB] Item Name - Price - looking for something to buy

    [SOLD] Item Name - Price - item has been sold

    [BOUGHT] Item Name - Price - item has been bought



    Re: Important Information to All Zaabarian

    Post  uCrack on 21/03/09, 07:19 pm

    Posts Count and Special Icon

    The administrator of

    The commitee of the

    The commitee of the

    Super-Duper Senior
    Member with more than 1000 posts

    Super Senior
    Member with 500 to 999 posts

    Member with 250 to 499 posts

    Member with 100 to 249 posts

    Super Junior
    Member with 50 to 99 posts

    Super-Duper Junior
    New member with post less than 49

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    Re: Important Information to All Zaabarian

    Post  uCrack on 21/03/09, 09:39 pm

    For Guests

    Why I can't post reply and cant read certain topic?
    You have to register in order to reply and access this forum.

    For newly register forum members

    Ok, got my forum account. What should I do first?
    1. Introduce yourself here
    2. Read the forum Rules and Regulations here
    3. Read the forum FAQ here
    4. Tell us where did u find here


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    Re: Important Information to All Zaabarian

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